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Umeya Art Space is located in down town Kyoto, close to Imperial Palace and Nijo Castle, 10 minuets walk from Kyoto Prefecture Government Office. Convenient to public transportation and parking.

This area is well known as Umeya from the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), who, as history tells us, loved to walk around Umeyashiki a “plum-garden” from which it got its name.

Umeya is a fully renovated Japanese traditional machiya with contemporary inside design could be used as multi-purpose rental venue for commercial exhibitions, art exhibitions, photo studious, workshops, lectures and etc. 

We can support your activities in Kyoto with our English language staff and expertise in event managing services, including the preparation of PR materials in Japanese



■Floor area (excluding toilet and stairs) about 24 sq. m


■Wall space:

・ Wall # 1: Width 2170 mm / Height 2700 mm (White painted)

・ Wall # 2: Width 4800mm / height 2600mm (Japanese traditional sand wall)

・ Wall # 3: Width 5740mm / height 2700mm (White painted)

・ Wall # 4: Width 2080mm / height 2750mm (White painted)

・ Wall # 5: Width 1900mm / height 2750mm (White painted)


■Track lighting including 18 rail type LED spotlights 

(illuminating angle adjustments & dimming option)

■Power outlets are in each wall, plus 3 outlets in the floor.



※ Please feel free to contact us via email or phone for details.


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